How Managed Services Can Improve Your Core Business Strategy


Is maintaining hardware, software, and technical manpower distracting you from your primary business?  You know that operating a company takes a strict focus upon your goals and the business and tech strategy that you rely upon to meet them.  Many small and medium-sized companies struggle with multiple aspects of maintaining their technology. Take a couple of minutes to understand why successful businesses have turned to managed services for help.

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Consider these benefits of managed services in light of improving your core strategies:

Reduce and Manage Risks

Small and medium-sized businesses often leave managing the risks to their computer systems and networks on the back burner, even though they depend upon them for daily operations. For instance, the insurance publication, Claims Journal, found that 75 percent of small business owners had no disaster recovery plan in place at all.

One storm, cyber attack, or accident could put them out of business for days, if not permanently.  Computer system problems typically translate into large losses of productivity, revenue, and in some cases, brand reputations. With managed services, you can rely upon professionals to improve security, information governance, and recovery plans.

Improve Efficiency and Productivity 

Maintaining in-house services means managing hardware, software, and of course, employees. Since technology changes rapidly, your business will need to make constant investments to keep your equipment updated and your people trained for tasks that don't directly contribute to your organization's mission.

Managed services will remove many burdens. You can give managers, and employees more time to concentrate on your overall strategic direction, innovation of business processes, and your core business. Leave software updates, hardware installation, and recruiting additional technical people to your managed services partner. These providers can even provide you with better direction with a virtual CIO who you can rely upon for guidance but don't have to provide a corner office and stock options for.

Control Costs

Good managed service providers can leverage their customer base to provide you with processing power, storage, applications, and even technical expertise in a very efficient way. They'll also deal with their employee recruiting, human resources, and benefits, as well as storage and software costs. When appropriate, your provider may suggest using shared resources that give you access to the kind of tech resources and expertise that only enterprise customers could afford in the past.

Managed service providers will also help you with transparent billing and the ability stick to your financial plan. You can free yourself from the unpredictable and typically increasing nature of IT costs and finally be able to set a budget that you can rely upon.

How Will Managed Services Benefit Your Business?

While you keep an eye on your competition, your markets, and your customers, you could rely upon a high-quality managed services partner to handle some or all of your IT. MaxCare will streamline your company's operations by offering professional managed services for all aspects of IT. You can enjoy 24/7 support, assistance with your technology strategy, and much more.

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